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About NOVA

Founded by a group of entrepreneurial experienced professionals, NOVA aims to provide a full range of business solutions to our clients. We create value to our clients at different stages from seed-stage to pre-public stage and in different aspects such as financials, accounting, tax, operation, and legal. NOVA is an elite team dedicated to serving corporates in the Greater China and the Asia Pacific Region.

Our Mission

Target accomplishment and customer satisfaction are two core values in NOVA. We strive to preserve the highest standards of integrity, objectivity and independence in the process of projects and transactions. We are committed to ceaselessly sharpen our insights and skills in the midst of global vicissitudes.

This is NOVA – your Number One Value Adder!

Our People

The management in NOVA comes from leading investment banks, international accountancy firms, renowned management consultancy firms, private equity fund houses, and valuation companies. With abundant experience serving Fortune 500 corporates, multinational conglomerates, public and pre-public companies, we believe NOVA’s elite team provides one-stop solution to our clients in the fields of investment banking, corporate finance, financial accounting, taxation, management consultancy and valuation.