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Business Appraiser and Asset Valuer

The value of business and asset is diverse among different situations from time to time. Valuation is time-varying and may change at listing, acquisition, divestment, and liquidation stage. NOVA helps clients fully understand the intrinsic value of their assets and business released in different situations, and better recognize the hidden value not recorded on financial statements.

We not only empathize investors’ eagerness to optimize the value of their existing business or development opportunities, but also well recognize acquirers’ desire to minimize cost and align the structure of long dated assets and liabilities with more fluid business strategy. Furthermore, NOVA helps clients visualize the effect on valuation in various scenarios, especially during recent challenging years when geopolitical tensions and economic turmoil have intensified market volatility.

NOVA’s remarkable valuation team provides valuation service for multiple subjects such as business entity, property, plant and machinery, intangible asset, intellectual property, common and preferred stock, partnership interests, private debt instruments, options, warrants and other securities in all due respects.


  • Comparable firms identifying
  • Market research
  • Profit forecasting
  • Financial modeling
  • Scenario analysis
  • Feasibility assessment