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Corporate Financial Advisor

Enterprises are usually experts at their daily operation; however, many enterprises lack the knowledge concerning areas beyond their daily operation. NOVA bridges this gap by providing comprehensive financial advisory service to our clients. As a financial advisor, we offer advice to corporations not only on their financial performance, but also on other aspects like operational effectiveness, strategic planning, corporate positioning, capital structure and capital raising.

Apart from the advisory services NOVA provides for clients to better understand the advantages and disadvantages of their business and the market their business operates in, NOVA also renders clients the ability to access capital market whenever they need capital to expand.

  • NOVA assists clients in a range of key respects as follows:
  • Formulation and execution of strategy: conduct in-depth research on economy and industry where our clients operate in; adopt the best communication strategy for shareholder, customers, suppliers and other related intermediaries; identify possible alternatives and best solutions, and tailor the timing and strategy for value maximization.
  • Feasibility assessment and preparation: carry out feasibility study, add credibility to facts and figures, build unique financial model to fully reflect enterprise’s intrinsic value, identify potential critical issues and figure out value triggers of clients’ business
  • Detection and enhancement: detect key malfunction of business segment, suggest resolution to problematic areas, and optimize resources allocation


  • Corporate positioning
  • Financial statement consulting
  • Operation efficiency enhancement
  • Internal control improvement
  • Capital structure optimization
  • Risk management