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Merger and Acquisition Strategy Planner

Merger and acquisition (“M&A”) (inorganic growth) are needed when corporates meet a bottleneck after their organic growth. However, an incorrect acquisition decision or transaction may be disastrous to companies. NOVA deeply recognizes the difference between value-adding transactions and those not after years of practical experience and numerous verifiable successful cases.

To carry out successful transactions, a company’s specific investment thesis and overall expansion strategy must be taken into full account. In this regard, NOVA has done its best to maximize the value for clients from acquisition through investigating key acquisition targets and identifying the most value-adding one from a list of candidates.

In addition, NOVA adheres to latest industry practices to produce customized models and methods, providing general guidelines for each stage of the M&A lifecycle to speed up business combination and knowledge transfer. NOVA also helps organizations assess their M&A capabilities, addressing any shortcomings immediately and effectively by analyzing the suitability of M&A on an ongoing basis.

We assist in a range of key aspects including:

  • Formulation and execution of strategy: conduct in-depth research on the industry, the economy and global market that the companies are operating in; determine the best communication strategy between shareholder, customers, suppliers and other related intermediaries, identify possible alternatives and best options, and tailor the timing and strategy to maximize value creation.
  • Feasibility and preparation: carry out feasibility study, add credibility of the facts and figures, build unique financial modeling to fully reflect the enterprise intrinsic value and identify the potential critical issues and figure out value triggers of clients’ business
  • Detection and enhancement: detect key malfunction of business segment, suggest resolution of the problematic area, and rearrange allocation optimization of resources


Project Assessment Stage

  • Formulation of M&A strategy
    • Market research
    • Feasibility study
    • Sourcing potential acquisition targets
  • Assessment on target company
    • Business due diligence on target company
    • Operational due diligence on target company
    • Financial due diligence on target company
    • Estimated valuation on target company
  • Execution Stage
    • M&A deal structuring
    • Advice on taxation issues arose from M&A
    • Negotiation and coordination with professional parties during execution of M&A