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Pre-Listing Project Manager

Capital plays a vital role incorporates’ operation and development. Going public may be one of the most viable ways to overcome the limitations in fundraising for private companies in need of capital for future expansion. However, this process may be extremely complicated and tedious, requiring cautious planning and coordination between stakeholders and professional parties.

To get listed on a stock exchange, a private company may go by way of Initial Public Offering (“IPO”) or Reverse Takeover (“RTO”). Venue of stock exchange is another important consideration. NOVA’s experienced project team is here to formulate holistic proposal that covers all considered aspects for clients in deciding to get listed.

NOVA sticks to the belief that clients’ interests at listing should be optimized and strives to achieve the highest successful rate in listing among the counterparts. Our sophisticated experts provide highly credible opinions on various areas covering financial, business, operational, legal and organizational structure.


Pre-Listing Stage

  • Assessment on listing possibility
    • Business due diligence
    • Operational due diligence
    • Financial due diligence
  • Formulation of listing plan
    • Market research
    • Estimated valuation on listing
    • Advice on internal control deficiencies
    • Advice on tax planning matters
  • Advice on suitable stock exchange and method of listing

Preparation Stage

  • Advice on selection of appropriate professional parties (including but not limited to Sponsor(s), Lawyer(s), Reporting Accountant, Independent Valuer(s), Underwriter(s), etc.)
  • Negotiation and coordination with professional parties during the listing process