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Strategic Planning

As one of the leading industry players, NOVA analyzes strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of clients to develop a holistic strategic plan to improve their current performance. The broad range of consultancy service NOVA provides assists clients in formulating robust, sustainable and scenario-based strategies to accelerate the transformation into upscale business.

Faced with uncertain future prospects and complex business environments, companies can only gain a head start by comprehensively understanding the opportunities and threats and carefully analyzing the macro- and micro-economic data. NOVA’s experienced professionals have extensive experience in helping organizations address key aspects of strategic planning as follows:

  • Market study anticipates economic and political trends, industry factors and key value drivers. NOVA recommends the optimal strategy based on current and anticipated market situation and ensures the strategy aligns with objectives and values of clients’ business.
  • Opportunity exploitation reveals attractive and innovative business opportunities in the market. NOVA carries out client-tailored study to find the best bet in clients’ industry, and conduct general research to identify market hot spot and other opportunities outside clients’ industry.
  • Feasibility assessment takes market opportunities, future performance and internal capabilities into full account and appraises every possible strategy designed for companies’ future development.
  • Scenario analysis explores deeper into a set of future market scenarios. For each scenario, NOVA estimates risk level, investment requirements, profits and losses and investment risk to draw a complete picture of the scenario with informed experience and knowledge.
  • Financial modeling studies the net present value and shareholder value via prediction of future financial performance of designed strategic directions.
  • Organizational collaboration translates strategy into daily operation of the organization and provides realization process with a top-to-bottom roadmap.