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Due Diligence

NOVA provides tailor-made due diligence service specific to each project. The timeframe of transactions, the imperatives of counterparties and the availability of resources inevitably reveal the uniqueness of work performance. NOVA particularly specializes in reaching insightful conclusions for clients through collating promiscuous and fragmentary information within limited timeframe.

Market Research

Market research is one of NOVA’s core competitiveness. NOVA commits to embracing clients’ goals and recommending latest market information in accomplishing these objectives. NOVA’s research team provides original insights and analyses for clients on both macro- and micro-economy, industry, and products.

NOVA has dedicated teams in charge of a wide range of products, markets and political issues to help clients better understand key factors and trends that affect their companies, industries and markets. NOVA offers not only insightful top-down forecasting and analysis, but also provides proprietary insights to diverse asset classes.

Strategic Planning

As one of the leading industry players, NOVA analyzes strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats of clients to develop a holistic strategic plan to improve their current performance. The broad range of consultancy service NOVA provides assists clients in formulating robust, sustainable and scenario-based strategies to accelerate the transformation into upscale business.

Faced with uncertain future prospects and complex business environments, companies can only gain a head start by comprehensively understanding the opportunities and threats and carefully analyzing the macro- and micro-economic data. NOVA’s experienced professionals have extensive experience in helping organizations address key aspects of strategic planning as follows:

  • Market study anticipates economic and political trends, industry factors and key value drivers. NOVA recommends the optimal strategy based on current and anticipated market situation and ensures the strategy aligns with objectives and values of clients’ business.
  • Opportunity exploitation reveals attractive and innovative business opportunities in the market. NOVA carries out client-tailored study to find the best bet in clients’ industry, and conduct general research to identify market hot spot and other opportunities outside clients’ industry.
  • Feasibility assessment takes market opportunities, future performance and internal capabilities into full account and appraises every possible strategy designed for companies’ future development.
  • Scenario analysis explores deeper into a set of future market scenarios. For each scenario, NOVA estimates risk level, investment requirements, profits and losses and investment risk to draw a complete picture of the scenario with informed experience and knowledge.
  • Financial modeling studies the net present value and shareholder value via prediction of future financial performance of designed strategic directions.
  • Organizational collaboration translates strategy into daily operation of the organization and provides realization process with a top-to-bottom roadmap.

Appraisal and Valuation

Business and asset valuation stand at the heart of NOVA. We provide valuation service to assist clients during mergers, acquisitions, disposals, tax planning, compliance regulation, financial reporting, bankruptcy, reorganization, dispute resolution, strategic planning and other business events. NOVA’s business valuation team also provides valuations for business and assets in different aspects including business entities, real estate, plant and machinery, financial instruments, intangible assets and intellectual property.

Our valuation service covers:

  • Business Valuation
  • Financial Instruments Valuation
  • Intangible Asset Valuation
  • Plant and Machinery Valuation
  • Real Estate Valuation

Accounting and Taxation

Accounting principles and tax laws have changed dramatically in recent years and the change continues in complexity and pace. NOVA is here to help clients navigate these shifting landscapes. Governments try to meet the need for revenue under the increased competition of labor and capital. Tax authorities attempt to update their enforcement strategies, focuses and policies in the dynamic business progress. Companies need to balance competing priorities to ensure consistence while adding value. NOVA can guide clients with these critical issues under current accounting and tax environment.

Business Due Diligence

In order to assess the landscape of the industry that our clients operate in, NOVA performs business due diligence to gain unique opinions on the firm’s status and competitiveness including products, sales and marketing in the industry segment.

Our service scope covers:

  • Reviewing and advising on corporate structure
  • Verifying legal titleship of assets
  • Examining material supplier and customer contracts
  • Sorting out competitors in the same market, product, industry, and geographic area

Operational Due Diligence

NOVA scrutinizes daily business operation for clients, identifying deficiencies and ineffectiveness in the course of production and operation. Beyond proposing redress methods, NOVA would assist clients in the thorough implementation of remedial plan to the best extent. In addition, NOVA also contributes to the improvement of information technology system, business model and cost model of our clients’ business.

Our service scope covers:

  • Identifying deficiencies in daily operation and production
  • Appraising capital expenditure level to meet production requirements
  • Assessing management’s operational skills
  • Improving effectiveness of internal control

Financial Due Diligence

NOVA carefully examines the financial statements provided by clients to ensure they are prepared in accordance with the generally accepted accounting principles in the corresponding jurisdiction. NOVA also conducts a variety of analyses on financial information to facilitate clients’ decision making.

Our service scope covers:

  • Reviewing financial statements
  • Identifying discrepancies according to accounting principles
  • Conducting financial analysis
  • Examining tax issues

Industry Research

NOVA’s leading-edge industry research centers on top-down, global multi-asset methods to conduct forecasts on major economic indicators. NOVA watches closely industry trends and market fluctuations and carries out distinct forecasts and updated proposals accordingly in order to help clients make the wisest investment decisions. NOVA is outstanding for its detailed and accurate analyses, reliable proprietary models, original and powerful insights and effective forecasts after years of clear investment recommendations.

Product Research

NOVA has fostered its reputable image among its counterparts through its multi-faceted and firm-wide product research for clients. Financial products like equity, debt, derivative, commodity and real estate are all within our service range. NOVA provides fundamental research on various exchange-traded products by concentrating on a multi-term roadmap to facilitate thorough understanding of each individual asset class. Our research team strives to identify fleeting opportunities and develop exploitable investment trends across the market capitalization spectrum. The research has been conformably accepted for its coverage breadth, industry expertise and work quality.

Business Valuation

The economic value of an enterprise is usually far beyond the simple sum of its total assets. Inevitably, some intangible assets such as brand names, patents, technical knowledge are created and developed during the business process. NOVA is here to assist clients in identifying these intangible assets and exploring the fair value of clients’ business as a whole.

Moreover, business valuation practices often take place during business combinations for their purchase price allocation (“PPA”), goodwill determination and subsequent goodwill impairment tests.

Financial Instruments Valuation

Financial instruments are commonly employed to meet investment, financing and risk management needs. Under the increasing influence on corporation value exerted by widely used financial instruments, mark-to-market valuation for complex financial instruments is required according to the accounting standards.

Equipped with tailored and sophisticated financial models, NOVA provides valuation service for private and over-the-counter financial derivatives including:

  • Convertible Bonds / Notes
  • Commodity / Currency / Interest Rate Swaps
  • Equity-linked Derivatives
  • Financial Guarantee
  • Futures / Forward Contracts
  • Stock Options
  • Structured Products
  • Preferred and Ordinary Stocks
  • Warrants

Intangible Assets Valuation

As regard to intangible assets and intellectual property, NOVA’s valuation team will take into full account of different valuation methodologies based on available information and current situation in order to adopt the most appropriate method in appraising the intrinsic value of intangible assets.

Common intangible assets NOVA appraises include:

  • Brand name
  • Computer software
  • Copyrights
  • Customer relationship
  • Distribution networks
  • Franchising agreements
  • Patented technology
  • Technical knowhow
  • Trademarks

Plant and Machinery Valuation

Plant and machinery valuation is closely attached to manufacturing companies. NOVA offers a full range of valuation service for plant and machinery in different industries, from a single one to the whole.

NOVA appraises such plants and machineries as:

  • Furniture and fixture
  • Infrastructure
  • Motor vehicles
  • Machinery & equipment
  • Process plant
  • Production line
  • Toll roads

Real Estate Valuation

NOVA’s valuation team has extensive experience in providing professional valuation and consultancy services for all types of real estate in Hong Kong, the Greater China region and other countries around the world.

Typical types of real estate NOVA appraises:

  • Commercial land / property
  • Residential land / property
  • Industrial land / property
  • Agricultural land
  • Development sites
  • Specialized-purpose real estate

Accounting Advisory

NOVA provides customized accounting advisory advice for various types of organizations. Examples of accounting advisory services include:

  • Maximize clients’ net income by improving their cash flow through optimized cost saving
  • Minimize clients’ transaction cost by helping them control the negative impact of resources wastage during production and operation
  • Design and revise our clients’ business model to differentiate themselves from competitors and sharpen their competitive edge

Tax Advisory

NOVA’s tax advisory services focus mainly on taxes in Hong Kong and in People’s Republic of China (“PRC”). Examples of advisory services include:

  • Maximize clients’ net income by improving their cash flow through optimized tax planning
  • Minimize clients’ transaction cost by helping them control the negative impact of taxes on cash and asset transfers in transactions
  • Design and revise corporate structures to minimize the negative impact of taxes on business growth